Vinyl Wall Art For Home and Office!

Bringing vinyl wall art into your home or office will cause you to leap into a fascinating world of unlimited possibilities!

There are many terms and phrases from the vinyl  art world that refer to the same thing.

They are all forms of art cut or printed from thin vinyl sheets.  Here are a few of the terms we find...

vinyl decals

vinyl stickers

peel and stick vinyl 

wall decals

vinyl lettering

removable vinyl

vinyl wall graphics

vinyl wall art

vinyl wallpaper

vinyl murals

wall stickers

vinyl art

Using thin sheets of vinyl has been in the graphic sign making industry for years!

It’s only been recently that savvy artists and entrepreneurs have introduced this “magical medium” into our daily lives…to use in our homes and offices where we live and work!

Time out for a very quick science lesson….What is vinyl?

Vinyl is short for polyvinyl chloride or (PCV).

Yes – the same PVC we hear about that is used for thousands of uses from electrical insulation, construction materials, rain jackets, hospital equipment, containers, and the PVC tubes that carry our water supply (and so much more!).

It’s a safe, fire resistant, material that is made from very simple ingredients! Natural gas (or sometimes a form of petroleum) and common chloride derived from natural salt and water. In fact the main ingredient is the chloride made from salt and water – not petroleum or natural gas!

Vinyl is manufactured using far less energy than other materials and is completely recyclable!

Vinyl Wall a great choice for wall decor!

For our enjoyment as wall art, vinyl is manufactured as a very thin material, normally with a light adhesive on one side, and can be colored or tinted into any color of the rainbow!

For wall art applications, it is only about the thickness of two coats of paint! In fact, after it’s applied to your wall (or to signs, windows, cars, etc) it looks like a professional painter took hours to expertly paint the art on your wall by hand (with no mistakes!).

It’s strong, flexible, and so easy to work with!

The vinyl is available in large rolls and then cut out with a computerized cutter. It can also be die cut with stamps, or printed on like other photo quality materials such as paper or canvas.

This is a great solution for all of us and especially for renters who do not want to leave any marks or damage wall surfaces!

 (Plus you can take it with you when you move!)

The most popular vinyl used for any art or photo application is removable adhesive vinyl. 

It will not tear or rip, it can be applied to the wall (or other surface), re-positioned or removed, and it will not leave any residue on the surface when applied!  

Vinyl letters, vinyl quotes, vinyl words….and more!

How long do you suppose it would take to professionally paint this 22” wide quote on your wall?  …and how much would they charge?

After some research, I've discovered that by using vinyl, this same result can be on our walls in less than 30 minutes for around $30.00 - nice!

Words, symbols, and reminders…we have so many choices of vinyl wall art encouragements available to us today…famous sayings, life quotes, scriptures, and other sources.

I think the best choice for wall words is to custom order. Choosing those words that mean the most to us – those words that speak into our lives or remind us of favorite people and events! 

While researching I found this great online company, RightOnTheWalls, and have learned they will custom order what we want and help us throughout the entire process…from ordering to application!  …and it's made in the USA!

Vinyl Wall Decals - or - Wall Stickers

Whether you refer to them as decals or stickers – they are graphic designs or photo images cut out of wall art vinyl. 

Because of the variety and the assorted sizes, these are great to embellish the decor in any room or they can be used to create a powerful focal point!

Isn’t this a powerful presentation for a kids room?  Wow!

For me, I think a very striking application (and one of the newest) for wall art decals or wall stickers is to take a favorite photo and have the vinyl art company print it and cut it out on removable adhesive vinyl. 



 can do this for you!

And now for the BIG news....

Wall Murals! Large Wall Art! …all from vinyl (and they are removable!)

Just looking at the few pictures above stimulates lots of amazing ideas! By using new processes, our digital images can become our walls!

Here’s an idea that I just had…imagine having four seasons of vinyl wall art available. In the summer, the image is cool, relaxing, soft, and pleasant. In the winter it’s warm, sunshine, bright, and cheery! Our Spring and Fall wall images can be anything we want!

This amazing new concept isn't like wall paper – this is not messy, it's easy to apply and keep clean, and is very affordable!

Any size art or photo image is available! This is revolutionizing wall art choices and our entire approach to home decor…the possibilities are endless!

Wall art murals have been featured on popular TV shows and print publications including: Extreme Makeover, Divine Design, Today Show, Tyra Show, Man Caves, and more! 

The newest material for wall art murals is vinyl with peel and stick adhesive called SmartStick®  This vinyl material is repositionable, removable, and reusable!


“Murals Your Way now offers a high end removable wallpaper product that can be moved and reused hundreds of times without losing adhering qualities.

This repositionable wallpaper requires no paste and no glue. Just peel the backing and adhere your custom wallpaper to nearly any surface.

There will be no damage to your walls, no matter how many time you put it up and take it down! Check it out!! at MuralsYourWay!  --- Bridget from Murals Your Way.


Vinyl wall art murals are fantastic for business and commercial use as well.

Company logos and other business designed graphics are very powerful and captivating when enlarged and put out in front of the public! 

Bottom Line:

Whew - there are lots of great choices and possibilities using vinyl wall art!

As we have discovered, there are abundant benefits from vinyl- here are a few more:

compact and lightweight - cost very little to ship! They make great art for our home and office because we can change them out (and store for another day)! They are some of the best gifts - especially if we choose a special quote or create the wall art from a special photo.

How have YOU used vinyl in your decorating? 

It would be great to see your pictures and read your stories! Other readers will be encouraged to give it a try. Come back often to learn what others have shared!  

It's easy - just use the form below!  Thanks!

Wall Art Ideas for Home Decorating!

Do you have a favorite wall art idea that you've put on your wall?

Please share with us! We would love to admire and learn from your example!

Take a picture of your wall art idea and share it together with your story about it!

Why is it special? Where is is hanging? Any special reactions from others that have seen it?

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