Metal Wall Art Ideas!

If you haven’t explored the world of metal wall art recently you are in for a wonderful and fascinating experience! 

I’ve been somewhat familiar with the traditional metal art that has been around for years – and is still very popular today. I’m referring to the bright brass or dark wrought iron shapes, often called wall art sculptures, which bring an interesting and fun look into any room.

Today , the big draw for metal art is it’s three dimensional characteristic! Add to this its’ texture and surface colors, and you have everything you need to create a unique excitement into your home or office!

We can find metal wall art that will appeal to the masculine or feminine flavor. It can be abstract, contemporary, modern, traditional, and realistic in style.  It can be monotone in color or bright and colorful. 

Metal artwork can feature smooth and shiny or rough and dull. It just has everything going for it! 

I had fun the other day just browsing on-line at the hundreds of metal wall art items that are available.  

Metal art has become one of the hottest selling décor items in the art world today!

If you haven’t incorporated metal into your wall art plans, now is a great time to learn and consider what is available!

To give you a taste, here are just some of the descriptions associated with metal art that caught my eye:

 ·        This stunning, abstract metal and wood wall art features a unique blend of colors using different sized squares and circles as the canvas.

·        Eye-catching colors highlight this three-dimensional wall plaque.

·      This metal art plaque features abstract circle designs that gives any room a new meaning.

·        Bold, sculptural wrought-iron wall art.

·        The warm, rustic colors of the metal-sconce candle holder add a glowing ambience to your home decor.

·        This seven-panel metal wall sculpture will mesmerize you and your guests.

·        The hand-sanded finish on the metal creates a unique three-dimensional effect.

·        The artwork seemingly 'moves' by reflecting any light in the room.

Here are just a few reasons you should consider metal wall art for your décor:

Great for Conversation!

Add striking contemporary metal décor anywhere in your home or office to create an instant conversation piece!

This is especially true if you have some information about the artist or some nugget of history about the art work you have on your wall.

I was browsing a local art fair recently and was amazed at the very beautiful and unique pieces of metal art that these artists have designed.

When I visited with them I was able to learn how they got started, what their passion is, and even a little about how they made the work of art…it was very fascinating and fun to meet these new friends!

 Great for Adding Dazzle!

 Wow – I’ve seen some metal art pieces that are rich with what I call “dazzle”! 

Interesting pieces like this, break up the typical room décor with a touch of class – and a touch of adventure!  

When I see something like this on the wall of someone’s home, I seem to always make the same comment, “wow, now this is fun”! 

The art just puts me into a spirit of intrigue and fun….I’m dazzled!

Great for Balance!

I can become slightly bored with a look in a home or office that solely features paintings or photographs.

I love this type of wall art as well, but it’s a great  plus to be able to add something that balances the look of flat art with dimensional art!

Have you ever lived in or visited an older house that has “character”? The same thought of "character" comes to me when I see metal wall art somewhere in the room.

An exciting feature of this type of wall art is that it can be colored and finished almost like a painting. These hang well with other forms of art in any room!

More ideas about balance...

Another form of balance is when the art on our walls compliments the room itself.

An example could be laser cut and sculpted metal hangings that depicts sail boats or maybe a cluster of palm trees - hanging on a beach house wall!

Another example would be having an interesting piece of wrought-iron art hanging in an old-fashioned styled living room.

Great for Mood!

 You may want your home, or an area of your home to reflect your love for the eclectic flavor of city night life or the feeling of “something’s happening here!”  

You would want to choose wall art that has bright colors, shiny surfaces, dimensional shapes, and metal wall art can provide all of these!

If this sounds like you, then for sure you’ll want to choose a piece of modern wall art with bold geometric shapes and vivid shades of color to make a powerful statement!

Or you may want something neutral and mellow to set the mood in your home or office.

You could incorporate a large or small panel of metal art into your living room or entryway, or your family or lounge room. These rooms are often the first views guests receive of your home.

Great for Personality!

 I think all forms of art are connected to our personality…but I also think metal wall art gives us an opportunity to step out of “normal” and more into ourselves!

Here’s what I mean - having a touch point, something that we call our own, that represents what we are inside, is quite exciting to find and display!

An colorful artwork made out of metal often has this attribute about it – it may not be for everyone, but it can be our choice just because “it’s me” - and I can enjoy it every day.

It somehow showcases our personality, our “DNA”, and brings joy to us without having to explain it to others (and you can hang it in your bedroom – just for you)!

Bottom Line:

Just like any type of wall art, you can choose almost any style of metal wall art.

If you shop at a hometown art fair, gallery, department store, or on-line, you’ll quickly discover a great variety on display!

Metal wall art comes large or small, tropical, western, modern, country, abstract, or any number of favorite categories. 

You can choose to use metal wall art to embellish your décor or use it to be your center piece, you will enjoy the adventure and excitement it will bring to your home or office!

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