Affordable wall art is everywhere! Learn how you can bring it into your home and onto your walls!

“What is affordable wall art?  I really like this…but can I afford it?” 

The real definition of affordable wall art is better expressed in relation to what you value. 

Anytime we use the term “affordable” will bring up discussions of budget and value. The truth is that the amount of money you allocate to wall art - that you think is affordable, is likely much different than mine or anyone else’s, why?  

It's in our determination of value!

TIP: Focus on what you value (not others)! This will bring your choices of wall art down to earth and into your home.

To say it another way, "your perceived value helps define what is affordable to you."

Notice the emphasis and importance of the three words in this phrase: “what you value”.

YOU = a very important word! Be very cautious when hearing recommendations from others to define what is affordable to you.  

YOU VALUE = these words go together, it is your value perception.  Relax…it’s your “thumbs-up” that counts in the end, not someone else’s.  

YOU VALUE WHAT = is the affordable wall art choices you have! Let's see how and where these can be found so you can enjoy them in your house or office!

Before we get directly into the choices that are all around us, lets' review a basic truth concerning art then we can properly appreciate what is "affordable".

Here’s a quote to get us started:

“The object of art is to give life a shape.”    

William Shakespeare

What do you think he meant by that?

“The art of music makes our soul sing...

art we see makes it dance!” 

When we look at art, either the beauty of God's creation or the beauty that has been expressed in an image, our soul is stirred..we have a reaction, a response!

The influence we “absorb” through art (music, images, dance, etc) infiltrates our soul. I like the imagery of that!

All forms of art are embedded with influence. Art influences our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions – and in that way it shapes us.

I believe that wall art is one of the most important items in our homes. The reality is that it reveals a bit of us, who we are, where we’ve been, what we like, our character, family, and so much more.  

To repeat what I’ve said before, great wall art for you relates to what you value in life. When you look at this life-value through your available financial resources, you’ll discover and be able to define what affordable wall art is to you!

For me, I value hope, good news, things that are joyful and bright.

I’m always on the lookout for anything that will “joy-me-up”! When I consider wall art that causes my heart to race (my soul to dance!) I enjoy it. I value it…my value meter goes way up.

Decisions of affordability then start to develop in my mind. Choosing affordable (to us) wall art is extremely do-able for everyone today because of the vast variety of sources.

Let's look at some great sources for wall art:

Furniture and Gift Stores (on site or on line)

Taking time to browse before purchasing at local gift shops or furniture stores is a great way to be exposed to affordable wall art. Many times the art they have on display is hand selected and unique.

When you are in the store, in front of the art, it gives you the opportunity to experience it before the purchase.

Art Galleries (on site or on line)

Visiting and shopping at Art Galleries opens the door to many possibilities as well. This is a great way to increase your “value” level because of works you'll find done by local artists or other name branded art on display.

Don’t hesitate to go to an Art Gallery…it’s a fun, educational, and very enjoyable experience!

You will be pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of selections and prices, as well as meeting an artist or two. If necessary or desired, you can often make arrangements to purchase over time while the art is left on display in the gallery for all to see.

Art being created live! (On site or On line art studios)

There are numerous occasions to experience the exciting time of  being in the presence of a live artist.  You can get to know them, ask questions, and understand their passions.

All of this interaction will help you discover if their art lines up with your values. You may even discover a new dimension of interest in your wall art choices adventure!

Local Art Fairs (at home or vacation)

One more idea is to regularly visit art fairs in your area, or while on vacation. The art on display is original, unique, exciting, personal, and normally of high quality.

It’s easy to find affordable wall art here because of the abundance of variety. This is also a great opportunity to get to know the artist because many times they are on hand to share and talk about their work. 

Often the artist will schedule times during the show to demonstrate their talent and passion by creating art while you and others watch – try to be there…it’s so much fun and educational!  


Live Portrait Artist!

I once met an artist that was painting live at a fair. She had numerous paintings that featured her great talent. I stopped to watch and enjoyed a brief conversation with her.

I found out that her passion was to paint wall art that highlighted joy on children’s faces. Since anything joyful is a magnet to me I was immediately drawn to her work!

I certainly thought it was affordable wall art to me, so I made plans to work it into my home in the near future!

More sources for affordable wall art....

Browsing online for art is becoming a respected and “affordable” option for everyone! From your home you can explore art from anywhere in the world…and there are amazing works of art out there – many of which would fit right now into your category of affordable wall art!

I’ve tracked down some great sources of affordable (to me) wall art. I’m positive that you can and will find many more as you forge ahead, but in “my” opinion, these are wonderful sources that can provide you with just the right piece for your living space!

These (below) are just a few places I've been to: Be sure to check these out!

Oh yes, there are many other sources as well, such as:

home shows,

school events,

estate sales,


and more.

I hope I've been able to open doors of affordable wall art to you in a fresh new way. Remember, it's about your perspective of value!

Here’s the bottom line:

We know that affordability to us is determined by our perceived value of the art and the available financial resources we have. Therefore, affordable wall art is available to all of us! You’ll find that all of the choices found throughout this web site are “affordable” to someone, quite possibly you!

TIP: If your values are met and you have the financial resources available, the purchase of selected pieces of wall art is affordable to you!

That being said, selecting great wall art can sometimes still be a challenge – what to put up, how much to spend, where to buy, and other questions flit in and out of our mind. Believe me; I wrestle with this all the time. I’ve identified many of these challenges and encourage you to learn many solutions I have found by clicking any of the links in the left margin or elsewhere on this page.

Next…What about Inexpensive Wall Art?

  Here are a couple of quick definitions:

·        Affordable wall art, for our purposes is any art work that speaks well to us - fulfilling an emotional desire or need that we highly value. Affordability is subjective to our personal values and the financial resources available to us.

·        Inexpensive wall art also speaks well to us and fulfills an emotional desire or need, and has great value in our opinion. Inexpensive means that there is a lot less consideration given to the actual cost…it can be any art work that comes about from being repurposed, refurbished, or created from a hobby, or even printed from your office computer and framed!


More...choosing wall art - with simple strategies!

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