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Step 1 of 5: Plan! ...choosing and adding home decor wall art and where you live and work.

I've learned that our walls can be a great source of remembrances, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and impactful truths to live by!

First, in order to plan…the question we want to focus on is, “What do I want my home "atmosphere" to be like and what do I want it to say to me (and others) as I live here?"

Your planning process will be filled with adventure using images, colors, textures, and a variety of media!

TIP: Think of your walls as your “canvas”. What will go on your walls will be reflective of your personality.

Designers have learned that the days of sterile non-functional rooms with manufactured design were not necessarily the greatest idea.

In days gone by, the guiding rule for home decor wall art gave little little provision or thought for the personal life that was in the room. Every decision seemed to be ruled by design and sub-ruled by “formal or informal”. Rigid attention to color, shapes, and space were forced upon the room over personal tastes and lifestyles. The end results often ended up looking like a staged presentation for a textbook photograph - rather than a room full of personality and fun.

Thankfully, today we have returned to the freedom to enjoy and live with our own personal home decor wall art  ideas...whew! 

As you look around and explore these pages, you’ll find that there are many sources and resources to draw from that give you all the opportunities you need to be as creative as you want!

Bottom line: It is your home or office, the walls are yours, and you are unique in what you want to put on them! Plan to display your uniqueness...it will be great! 

TIP:   A "meeting with yourself" will save you time and frustration as you explore your thoughts and ideas...and will give you an action plan to follow!  

Planning is step one...make a plan to choose your home decor wall art!

Let's get the meeting started...take notes!

Planning notes for wall art design

Remember the key to planning your home decor wall art is to answer, “What do I want MY home to be like?” …take notes!

  •      Get a blank notebook and pencil; go somewhere quiet; think and imagine how you would like your home to feel, consider the emotions and the mood you would like in each of your rooms: take notes! ·     
  •       Download and print the worksheet: CHOOSING MY WALL ART! Then, schedule time to complete the worksheet, then think through and answer the questions as best you can.
  •       Do some research on your own: browse this website for great information and resources; 
  •       Pay attention as you journey out to other places such as friends or open houses for creative new ideas; look at books, magazines, and websites: take notes! 
  •     Talk with your family, friends, and/or a professional to bring it all to a conclusion. 

TIP: Beginning to plan starts with a blank notebook or paper, and a mind full of thoughts and ideas.

Here are some types of home decor wall art that you may want to consider in your planning stage:

Framed wall art:

Probably the most common type of wall art is the framed picture. But there are many other items that fall into the category of “framed”. Have you thought about shadow boxes for example? Framed wall art includes large art as well as small art. And it’s easy to add our own personal tastes to our home décor wall art when we choose custom framed wall art!

Photo-to-canvas wall art:

Probably the fastest growing type of home decor wall art is taking your own digital photos and having them transformed into stunning works of art for your walls! The reason these are becoming a standard in many homes and offices is that they truly represent you...your memories, your family, your vacation spot, your travels, your uniqueness! 

Metal wall art:

One of the most searched for wall art items these days is the creative use of metal. There is just something that metal art, or wall sculptures can add to a room. I think it’s the three-dimensional quality as well as the contrast in colors that make metal art a great focal point.

Vinyl wall art:

Vinyl wall art is very popular and very easy to use! This wall art is most often seen as trees, animals, kids, flowers, or swirls. We can get any graphic or even our own digital pictures produced in vinyl to help us create dynamic personal features to any room!


Words are an amazing feature to put on the wall of a room! These can be from life quotes, scripture, hymns, lyrics, sayings, or anything you just want to put up. Since they are easily produced and easy to remove, we can change these out as often as we feel like it! 


The first thought that comes to mind when we talk about canvas is oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastel paintings. But a fantastic new canvas wall art item is now being used all over the world…your own digital photos printed, stretched and framed on artist quality canvas! Another form of these new room décor choices are called ge cless – reproduced original fine art!


These are another common and widely available choice for wall art décor! Prints are normally reproduced fine art on archival quality paper. These now include digital photos, graphics, and other custom framed wall art.


We will always have posters! These are great items that we can pick up while on vacation or at many of the live events we attend. Great for bringing memories into focus! These come is a variety of shapes, sizes, and can be put up framed or unframed!


Photographs are the perfect home décor wall art item to bring our personal interests into our home or office. You can use photographs you’ve taken or choose from a wide variety of photographs from others. Family photographs are very popular in homes and offices…they bring needed attention to what should come first in our life! 


We find plaques just about everywhere! They fill a large number of purposes such as a country feel, contemporary, motivation, information, and even a homemade flavor to any room or office. 

Unique wall art:

And don’t rule out some very unique wall art! This really gets into the area of our personal tastes! This includes abstract, fabric, glass, outdoor, and a large number of other types. These are fun to find at thrift stores, art fairs, on line, or even custom made! 

Planning is important! 

...and also a great deal of fun! Remember, your home decor wall art plans can be changed and added to at any time!  

A couple of great software tools to add to and keep your ideas and plans handy is to use Pinterest and/or Evernote .

These tools and others like them will keep your ideas fresh, organized and easy to get to. You will be able to see your ideas at a glance and to add to them as your tastes change!

TIP: Keep your plans close by or easy to get to…don’t hesitate to make changes and add to them throughout your life!

Continuing to choose wall art - with simple strategies! (click on step two below!)

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