Choosing Wall Art For YOUR
Home And Office!

Wall art can set the mood and the atmosphere of any room, and so we want to get it right!

Sometimes we just need a little direction, sometimes we need a lot! What ever the case, you will find many helpful articles and ideas on this site. Come back often - we can all use new  ideas and helpful advice!

Thinking through my wall art choices.

Choosing art and decorating your home or office often brings up some interesting questions:

Are you wrestling with any of these great WALL DECOR questions?

  • How do I choose?
  • What do I choose?
  • Where do I put it?
  • Who can help me?
  • When to change it?

...yikes! empty walls can be intimidating!

No wall art on these walls, yikes!

True story!

We recently moved into a new place. After unpacking boxes and arranging furniture, we stopped and looked around. We looked at each other and said something like this, “Yikes, look at these walls! The warm, encouraging, and fun atmosphere that we want is missing in our new home!  What are we going to do?"  

We were overwhelmed by all the blank walls!

We were used to walls that contained memories, family moments, color, and fun. Those big empty spaces, without any wall decor, seemed to bear down on us, it was very intimidating.

We started making plans right away! We got out some paper and began making a list of what decor we had and some new ideas to put on our walls and where it would work best.

Click on the link below to use the same process we was so helpful and practical and rescued us from a cold sterile boring home! We formatted it into a pdf so it's easy for you to use!

Here's a great tool that we developed to help us review our house and get organized.


We are sure this will really help you to get started!

It's FREE!  After you click the link, just right click on the pdf document and print it for your use! 

Bottom line, after using the above form...we simplified our efforts by coming up with five steps (see below) related to wall décor and other home decorating ideas that really help us!

This makes the whole process fun and productive, We  call it our “Wall Art Adventures!” 

We were delighted by the sense of accomplishment and the warmth we were able to put into our home in just a short amount of time!

Ready to get started? 

Click through each of the five steps below and the bonus info.  You'll learn a lot and get your creative juices flowing!

TIP:   Think simple strategies...then choose your wall art!

Do you already have art on your walls but are in the mood to make some changes? ...or are you considering atotal wall art make over”?

Then you will learn a lot as you browse throughout this web site! You'll come away with confidence that the design and purpose of your walls is really you! 

...and you'll love sharing what you've learned with others!

Get ready for the compliments......explore these pages !

My desire and goal is to share with you how you can make great wall decor choices!

I’ll share ideas to help you plan, complete, and arrange your choices so you (and others!) can enjoy your living space every day!

Planning home decor wall art for your home and office!
Step one of five! Choosing and adding home decor wall art and where you live and work.
Home Decorating Ideas Using Wall Art
Home decorating ideas includes wall art! Ideas you can use to personalize your home or office!
Inside The Home or Office - Adding Wall Art to Your Rooms
Help and ideas for making wall art décor plans for the rooms inside the home or office!
Interior Design Ideas for Choosing Wall Art and Placement At Home or Office!
Learn the essential element to fire up your interior design ideas!
Wall Art and Decor Ideas for Today and Options for Later!
Wall art and decor options that will unleash your creativity and discovery, and why that matters!
Affordable wall art is available in an amazing amount of choices!
Affordable wall art is everywhere! Learn how you can bring it into your home and onto your walls!
Inexpensive wall art is creative, beautiful, and easy to find!
Full of vision but short on cash? Inexpensive wall art can be the right choice for your home and office!
From Photo to Canvas - your digital images bring your personality to any room!
Going from photo to canvas is the perfect solution for creating personal wall art for your home or office!
Framed Wall Art
Exciting choices of framed wall art starts with understanding the frame!
Vinyl Wall Art For Home and Office
Fascinating ideas for wall decor from the latest in vinyl wall art!
Metal Wall Art
Bring the exciting world of metal wall art into your home or office - it's beautiful!
Inspirational Wall Art Ideas
Choosing inspirational wall art for your home or office can change your life – daily!
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