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Using wall art and home decorating ideas to change and personalize your home!

Our lives change, our attitudes change, as do our living spaces... in order to support and reflect these changes!

What changes have you had recently? (Are you a teenager? Are you single? Did you get married? Do you have kids? Are you a Grandparent?

Do you still live where you grew up – or have you moved to the beach? ...the mountains? Have you changed jobs?)

I think you get the picture!  Change is OK and common!

“ To change one’s mind under changed circumstances is true wisdom.”

Robert Louise Stevenson.

Our living spaces often undergo radical changes! It's nice to learn of new home decorating ideas that will give us the spark we need to create a new and exciting living space!

I have found and put to use some great home decorating ideas for our walls!

These ideas could work for you whether you have a room with blank walls, or several rooms that you just want to “make-over”.

The goal is the same; let’s end up with a creative, personal, well planned, and beautiful home or office (and at the same time, let’s also give thought to the NEXT planned changes you will be making for your walls!)

With a few great ideas, you can create a very encouraging  uplifting, motivating, refreshing, and comfortable home or office - with a purpose!

The ideas you find here, and many more throughout this web site, are here for you to think about changes and to help you complete your wall art decor projects!

TIP: Connect your wall art home decorating ideas with your personal life!


It could be easy for any of us to get caught up in the mindset of changing wall art decor with a goal of a "perfect" home.

If you struggle with perfectionism as it relates to home decorating ideas, consider that striving for perfectionism stops your creative process, not a good outcome!

“[perfectionism]...is the enemy of spontaneity and serendipity, surely two of the most glorious gifts of life.”   Stoddard

Exploring and trying new wall art ideas!

Getting Started!

If you need help to get your plans started, click and print off the worksheet below. Use it to help you identify and choose wall art for your home or office!

Choosing My Wall Art!

I recently peeked at just a few wall art ideas on-line. Wow - it's obvious that there is an endless supply of home decorating ideas and creative art that we could use for our walls.

These choices create a lot of questions for us to answer!

  • What to consider for my walls?
  • Where do I look?
  • What do I choose?

Our story....

When we moved into our current house we were faced with a lot of rooms with lots of empty walls – all sizes. We also had moved a lot of wall art with us from our previous house. We soon came to the conclusion that what worked for us earlier – may or may not work for us here.

We unpacked what we had, and started laying it out. We quickly determined that some of our wall art was “just right” for this room and that room. It made sense - because while our location changed, our hearts and attitudes had not.

But – there were some pieces that we didn't and still haven’t hung up - they don’t work for us anymore (at least for now). We have changed, circumstances have changed, and our new rooms are a lot different than what we had before.

So, we needed some new choices, some new ideas! I was excited because I like change, I like adventure and I like a variety of wall art!

Here is one of the new home decorating ideas that has worked great for us:

  • Digital Images we had on our computer!

To explore this idea...Click below

From Photo to Canvas!

One of the fastest growing home decorating ideas is using your own digital photos!

I found a great image that I took one day of the bright yellow daffodils just outside our front porch.

I had the digital photo professionally printed on artist quality canvas and then stretched and mounted on a gallery wrap frame. It turned out great – looks like a painted picture!

Consider any digital images you may have. These could be a great wall art item for you - and they are very personal!

Here are more great ideas that may help you create a fun and beautiful home or office! 

Click Here!

I hope you've learned with me....

  •  that you can be intentional about wall art!
  • that change can be an adventure!
  •  that you can take any idea and make it yours! 
  •  that home decorating ideas for wall art are fun to share!

TIP: It's often the great ideas we learn from others that prompt our own great ideas!

More...choosing wall art - with simple strategies!

Share your photos and changes you've made on your walls recently! 

I've shared some of our "changes in wall art journey" with you, it would be great to hear all about yours! It's very simple, just use the form below!

Share a picture or two and a brief story to go with it!

Your story is unique and will help trigger great new ideas for others to try!

Wall Art Ideas for Home Decorating!

Do you have a favorite wall art idea that you've put on your wall?

Please share with us! We would love to admire and learn from your example!

Take a picture of your wall art idea and share it together with your story about it!

Why is it special? Where is is hanging? Any special reactions from others that have seen it?

(Note: If you have more than one, please make multiple submissions - thanks!)

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