Inspirational Wall Art Ideas!

Choosing inspirational wall art for our home or office can change our lives – everyday!

 Inspiration / “in-spired” / Inspire?  What is it?

From Latin: inspīrāre;  to breathe upon or into.

Here something I came up with after thinking about it for a while: inner birth from “something” that connects our physical to our spiritual and sparks a catalyst of change within us.

  • awakening in our spirit,
  • ..a freshness of thought,
  • ..a newness of vitality,
  • ..a breath taken into our soul.
  • …a spark to our senses.

We observe, grasp, understand...we're inspired!”   - Dennis Johnson.

If you have something to say about "inspired" or "inspiration" - please share with us using the comment box below!  -Thanks!

We’ve all had that moment, a spark that ignited something inside our soul, our thoughts, and our life. It could have come from the song we heard, the vision in front of us, the words we read, even the dream we had. These points-of-inspiration can and do change us.

At that very instance, something inside us awakens with energy, motivation, courage, determination, and adventure. It’s the time that the “dots get connected”, its’ that “ah-ha! moment”. At that moment, there’s a stirring in our soul that erupts in an un-explainable way.

Even if we simply file “the moment” away to engage with later on, the inspiration that just flooded our being effected a change in us. We won’t be the same because of that moment!

Inspiration – changes us!

‎"Whatever God's reasons for such diversity, creativity, and sophistication in the universe, on earth, and in our own bodies, the point of it all is His glory.  

God's art speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like." -Francis Chan

I remember a time as a young boy, in which our family traveled through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We had stopped to hike and came to a secluded mountain lake. The scene in front of me, all around me, took me by surprise.

I was overwhelmed, my senses overloaded, the view compelled me to hold my breath –then slowly take it all in. The grandeur was more than I had expected. I still remember promising myself that I would return, to experience this again.

It forever changed me. The majesty in front of me, introduced me to my Creator. His creation vividly revealed His glory, and I couldn’t ignore it!  

Throughout my life, I have carried an inner motivation to relive that moment. Even thinking about it now still stirs me. It has given me a passion, a drive to purposely look for and recognize what inspires me.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

I have found that one of the ways I can be inspired is to expose myself to various forms of art. This means that we can plan and orchestrate repeated inspiration.

From the world of art, we can choose our favorite sources of inspiration. It may be from music, lyrics, quotes, dance, writings, poetry, scripture, paintings, designs, sculpture, photography, and many other options.

The point of all this, is that I can selectively choose what to put on my walls that will inspire me, to bring change into my life. 

This is the beauty of wall art – inspiration brought to us through our eyes is by far the most common and life changing source!

We can "re-inspire" our lives on purpose!

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”   ― Maya Angelou

Here is an example of how we can design wall art to be a moment by moment inspiration!

The natural photograph of a delicate butterfly at rest is coupled with these words of truth:  

“Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted in all the earth.”

The framed photo and verse creates a great inspirational wall art piece that has the potential to initiate an inner change in us each time it is viewed and taken in.  

Tip: Inspirational wall art is a focused influence that is continually at work!

Sources Of Inspiration......

Inspirational wall art - from music!

Song lyrics are a gold mine of inspiration! The artists, who wrote the lyrics, have a special gift for expressing deep thoughts and emotions. 

I find that I can sit for hours and just read through the lyrics of hymns, new and old. I come away refreshed and renewed every time I do this. 

You can combine words like these with images you have for a powerful and compelling inspiration work of art for your home or office.


I recently found these great lyrics from a popular hymn: 

"Let my eyes see Jesus only, Let my lips speak forth His praise."

All for Jesus - Mary D. James  ~  1 Cor. 6:20

I located a photo from a recent vacation, taken while looking out over a sunset. I was able to put these together to make a great wall art for our home!

To us and others that stop by for a visit, this inspirational wall art is a great reminder that we need to pause our hectic lives and reflect on all that Jesus has done for us!

Just having it on our wall for us and others to see and read each day, provides renewed hope for our crazy busy lives no matter what is happening in the news, or in our neighborhood.

Note: If you would like to do something like this, I can help you get it done! For more information see my business site at: Prints n Frames!)

More inspiring sources for inspirational wall art ideas.... 

Inspiration from images!

Wall art has always been foundational in offering inspiration from images. Paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, and other types of images seems to have a direct line into our soul.

We can be inspired by the simplest of lines, to the most complex paintings. And the sheer wonder of it is that each of us are inspired by a vast difference of images.

You can’t go wrong to introduce inspirational wall art images into your home or office – the struggle will be to choose what image and type to utilize.

Since this is such a personal selection, it’s hard for me to advise you. But – here are a few considerations:

  • the image should mean something to you,
  • the image should inspire you,
  • the image should add to the environment of the room – not subtract from it by drawing all of the focus.

Inspiration from hand-made crafts!

So much inspiration comes from something simply being hand-made. These could be hand-made from an arts and crafts fair or better yet, it is made by you or a member of your family or close friend. The closer to you – the more inspiration you will gain.

Hand- made wall art crafts include things like quilts, clocks, collages, puzzles, carvings, and those famous refrigerator art projects from the kids. I could not even begin to list the varieties! 

For these types of wall art – the inspiration received from them is very dynamic and emotional. Why? Because inspiration involves knowing the source of the art or beauty you are enjoying.

In these types of art – you are experiencing a piece of the life that made them. These are always good to have in a home to bring affection, admiration, uniqueness, and unity….and these are very powerful elements to have in a home!

Inspirational wall art from shapes and colors!

It’s surprising how shapes and colors can create a functional and beautiful living or working environment.

Shapes can be simply geometric objects positioned on your wall to bring balance to the room - which in turn creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort to who are present.

A very popular effort for using shapes is to use  panels of art – such as images that have been dissected into three, four, five, or more sections.  These could be squares or rectangles – even circles!

This type of wall art will bring inspiration to a great many different types of people. With shapes or colors (or both!) you have the freedom to be abstract or traditional – either way it works!

Inspirational wall art from objects!

There are many types of objects that do well as wall art.  A very common and highly inspirational form of this are shadow boxes.

These framed boxes hold three dimensional objects, such as jerseys, base balls, hats, medals, flags, souvenirs, awards, and so much more.

The inspiration received from these, comes from being able to re-live that moment in time that these objects came from. They are also fantastic conversation starters – either with your family, friends, coworkers, or guests.

Inspirational wall art from materials!

Materials?  Yes – such as metal, tiles, glass, fabrics, paper – even rocks or wood!

These are often a highlight to a room because they are by there nature three dimensional...they are often not something flat on the wall.

They stick out in more ways than one!  I have seen beautiful “wall sculptures” that demand my attention and create a desire in me to linger. As I view these,  I find that my thoughts are given a place to “land”, to rest for a moment – sort of like taking a seat after a long standing spell or after walking.

These provide a place of respite for even a brief moment during the grind of the day. They are a cup of cold water to my often overloaded senses!


Inspirational wall art is not something can find it or create it fairly easily.

Just pay attention to those moments you sense or feel "inspired" by what you are looking at or experiencing. If you take notes during your day, week, or month, you will be able to identify those special inspirations that could become wall art that re-create inspiration for you!

ALSO...explore more of the pages you find on this site - I hope they will be an inspiration to you to choose YOUR wall art on purpose!

Most likely YOU have some great art on your wall that inspires you

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